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Chilli Guava by Paper Boat is bound to bring back all your memories. Delicious juicy guava with a pinch of chilli and salt, just what’s needed to spice things up.

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chilli guava

The restless few minutes before the school bell. The thap-thap-thap of your black shoes running down the school steps. The old school guard pushing open the gate. You rushing to the aunty with her basket of guavas perched on her cycle.

Our chilli guava is like we took that memory, squished it, and put it in a pack just for you. And hey, here are more slow-mo shots for you to savour –

Imagine the way she slices open the guava and dunks in all that masala. Imagine you having to bite the collar of your uniform just so you don’t salivate. Imagine hitching your lunch basket between your knees so that you can partake in this glorious feast with both hands. Yaaas. That’s what we’re talking about.

functional benefits of chilli guava

Of all post-school snacks we’d squander our wealth (heh) on, Ma would object the least to the Maths question paper-wrapped guava/amrood/go-vaa (hey, we all pronounced it like this at some point). Guavas have four times the Vitamin C that Oranges do. That means, they’re four times better at boosting immunity. Oranges might as well seek training under Guavas. And while they’re at it, they might as well also learn how to be excellent at balancing the body’s Sodium and Potassium levels, treating tummy and tooth problems, busting stress, being good for the eyes and great for the skin — and maybe how to rock a PPT too.

Guava has enough iron that it could go to the gym and take a selfie even before stretching exercises. And it’s not all brawn – it’s also good for blood circulation to the brain, and is quite literally food for thought.

So the next time you’re out of ideas, grab a chilli guava. And don’t forget to thank us in your speech.

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