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Health benefits of Jaljeera might be manifold, but you will love Paper Boat Jaljeera for its sheer texture and taste. Try now & recharge yourself!

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A hot summer day is magnified tenfold in India. The sun, once a trusted ally, is now a vengeful god charring its antlike populace. Don’t worry he’ll calm down in a while. But till he does, what respite does a mortal have against the might of distant nuclear fusion of a main-sequence star that constantly turns hydrogen into helium*? The answer descends from the heavens in the form of Jaljeera – The perfect infusion of cumin, lemon juice, black pepper and rock salt that functions both as an electrolyte AND an appetizer. Perfect for those summer days, those heavy meals, those elaborate family functions… Actually, you don’t need a reason to drink Jaljeera, you just need to be.

*What? We paid attention in school.

functional benefits of jaljeera

With its electrolytic and replenishing properties, Jaljeera is a heatstroke’s worst nightmare. Cumin (Jeera), one of its key ingredients, is a regular fixture in Ayurveda. Cumin alone is a natural anti-oxidant and cleanses your vocal chords. The black pepper and rock salt help you cool down and digest food better. The ginger in it clears congestion and combats nausea. It also acts as a muscle relaxant as a random philanthropic bonus. And as all this happens, the lemon juice in the drink with its innate Vitamin C fights exhaustion, detoxes and even helps in weight loss. All without breaking a sweat!

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